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Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens

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Amanda Stevens is one of Australia’s leading female keynote speakers. As one recent client said ‘Amanda’s keynote is like a good movie – it keeps you entertained and enthralled from start to finish and you think about it for days afterwards.’ 

Amanda is the author of two books, SheMarketing and SheSelling and is widelyrecognised as Australia’s leading authority on marketing and selling to women and gender-based communications. 

In February 2011 Amanda was appointed International President of Hoffman York, a specialist advertising and communications consultancy based in Chicago. She now divides her time between the USA and Australia, speaking and consulting to some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies. 

She has spoken at over 200 conferences internationally and is voted the bestspeaker of the conference over 80% of the time. 

In 2000 Amanda was named Young Business Woman of the Year by SydneyBusiness Review and in December 2002 won the Young Australian of the Year Awardfor Career Achievement in New South Wales. In 2003 she was awarded theprestigious centenary medal by the Governor General for business innovation and in2008 was selected as part of the exclusive Australian speaker line up for DonaldTrump’s tour of Australia. 

Drawing on an impressive and entertaining range of insights, Amanda providesinspiration, innovation and motivation.

Topics include:

SheMarketing, The Science of Marketing to Women

SheSelling, The Psychology of Selling to Women

22 No-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

WonderWoman – The Secrets of a WONDERful life for the Modern WOMAN.

Click here for video of Amanda Stevens