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Chris Widener

Chris Widener

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Brian Tracy says, "Chris Widener is one of the best speakers in America today."

Denis Waitley says, "Chris Widener is one of the brand new top stars on the International platform speaking circuit."

Jim Rohn says "Chris Widener is the leader of a new generation of personal development and leadership experts."

Chris has been speaking professionally since 1988 and has shared the stage with top political figures, nationally known television news anchors, best-selling authors, and professional athletes. He has spoken on motivation and leadership to groups at some of America's finest organizations such as General Electric, Cisco Systems, and the Harvard Business School.

Chris has written over 400 articles and 8 books and has produced over 30 audio programs on leadership and motivation. His best-selling book is The Angel Inside - Michelangelo's Secrets For Following Your Passion and Finding the Work You Love. Chris Widener's Ezine has subscribers in 105 countries, making it one of the world's most widely distributed newsletters on success and leadership. Chris is also the co-host, along with Zig Ziglar, of the nationally televised show "True Performance."
Link to my promo video is: http://www.chriswidener.com/promo2.htm