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Mal Emery

Mal Emery

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Over the last 30 years, Mal Emery has bought and sold 18 businesses, some he started from scratch with very little initial investment and others that he built up and on-sold within a very short space of time, typically 20 months, for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he paid for them.

Mal deliberately departed from traditional businesses and now owns several Mail Order Companies, specializing in the distribution of on-line and off-line information products.  He has enjoyed enormous success in the industry to the extent that on one day alone, he turned over almost $100,000.00!   Because these businesses are highly systemised Mal is now free to work on running the business rather than working IN it.

In addition, Mal runs a large Marketing Coaching programme and has coached two Telstra Business Award Winners, one winning the W.A. Young Business Woman of the Year for 2003 and the other an over-all National winner in the same year. Under his astute guidance, many businesses have gone from merely limping along -to achieving extraordinary levels of success. He also conducts One day Seminars and 2 _ day Seminars nationally.
Mal is a published author. His most recent book has been received with such great enthusiasm that the marketplace expressing the demand for more! 
Mal admits that business is his great passion -  so Ladies and Gentlemen, I know you will enjoy listening as he shares the concepts and insight, that have brought him great success throughout his business life. 

Mal Emery's REBELLIOUS approach to business ANNOYS lots of people, but makes untold RICHES for those smart enough to listen and act on his Street Smart advice.

Perth based entrepreneur Mal Emery has won national recognition with his "Street Smart" money making strategies, helping people in dozens of different industries to turn their businesses into money making machines.

Well known for his remarkable ability to think outside the square, Mal ventured into his first business at the age of 22 when he was fired from a job, which stifled and frustrated the already budding entrepreneur within. This was a challenging time for Mal because not only did he have the commitment of repayments on a new house and land package to honour, the birth of his first child was imminent!

Sold out in 13 Months with
Almost Enough $$$ to Pay off His House!

He rose to the occasion and applying the steely focus he has become known for, turned his first venture into a resounding success in record time. So successful in fact, that when he sold this business only 13 months later, he had almost enough money to pay for his entire house and land package, which he had expected to paying off over the next twenty years.

Mal had discovered a latent passion - for business! Over the next two decades, Mal went on to buy and sell some 16 different businesses, using his uniquely potent style of marketing. He allowed no time for the grass to grow under his feet as each of these businesses was sold within a short space of time, allowing him to move forward to the next enterprise! One such business, a run down café, he bought for $30,000 and sold 5 months later for $230,000. A lunch bar he bought for $145,000 sold 18 months later for $385,000.

Mal Coaches Others to Success

As a Business Consultant, Mal's profit generating 'buy, build and sell' approach to business has helped many small to medium sized business owners grow their business beyond their dreams. Here are a few examples; the hotel owner who increased his turnover by over $750,000 in 12 months using some of Mal's techniques. The Automotive Repair business that increased sales and profit by 50% in 2 weeks, the pizza shop owner who increased turnover by $3,000 in 3 weeks and sold his business for an extra $80,000. A national Work boot manufacturer credits just ONE of Mal's strategies with increasing their turnover to the tune of Millions of $$. And a car rental company increased it's turnover by 75% within 12 months using just three of Mal's strategies.