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GOKO - Speakers

In today’s society, where everything needs to be done yesterday, better than last week and more profitably than ever, business owners often find themselves running a business everyday without the clear direction and motivation that were the cornerstones of the business in the first place. Trying to maintain a healthy balance between your work life and home commitments? GOKO stocks a range of products to rekindle the spark, drive and passion that may have waned over time.

Whether you are having a function to motivate your sales team, train new recruits, need an inspirational gift for a friend or your entire network, the team at GOKO excel in fulfilling your needs!

GOKO promotes a range of Local and International Speakers, Books, DVDs & CDs all recognized as the “best in their fields”.

Charlie T Jones The late Charlie T Jones
internationally renowned speaker and author of many books including “Books are Tremendous”, “Life is Tremendous” and “Freedom From Fear”.
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Conway Stone Conway Stone
author of “Follow Your Dreams”.
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Brian Tracy Brian Tracy
author of “Eat That Frog” and “Goals”.
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Willie Jolley Willie Jolley
author of “It Only Takes A Minute”.
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Larry Di Angi Larry Di Angi
author of “Resilient Power of Purpose”.
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Morris Goodman Morris Goodman
author of “The Miracle Man”.
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Anthony Fernando Anthony Fernando
author of “The Oracle’s Secret”.
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Jim Stovall Jim Stovall
author of “The Ultimate Gift”.
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Chris Widener Jim Rohn & Chris Widener
author of “Twelve Pillars”.
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mmseries authors

Aussie Rob Aussie Rob
author of "Trading Millionaire Maker"
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Declan Barnett Declan Barnett
author of "Giants of Web 2.0"
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Jennie Armato Jennie Armato
author of "Web Millionaire Secrets"
Click here for Jennie Armato Bio
Judeth Wilson Judeth Wilson
author of "Become a Millionaire"
Click here for Judeth Wilson Bio
Daniel Kertcher Daniel Kertcher
author of "Financial Abundance for Life"
Click here for Daniel Kertcher Bio
Leigh Farnell & John Blake Leigh Farnell & John Blake
author of "Cracking The Million Dollar Sales Code"
Click here for Leigh Farnell & John Blake Bio
Matt & Amanda Clarkson Matt & Amanda Clarkson
author of "The Magic of eBay"
Click here for Matt & Amanda Clarkson Bio
Rick Otton Rick Otton
author of "Inside Property Secrets"
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Mal Emery

Mal Emery
Over the last 30 years, Mal Emery has bought and sold 18 businesses, some he started from scratch with very little initial investment and others that he built up and on-sold within a very short space of time.
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Dr John Tickell Dr John Tickell
is an extraordinary Australian business success story. He is a medically qualified Doctor who played AFL football with Hawthorn in the '60s. A General Practitioner for 10 years, he then pioneered health management clinics in Australia and developed a pace–setting system of human risk evaluation. He was the creator of the extremely successful Hyatt Regency Coolum International Resort and Spa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. His two books A Passion For Living and Laughter, Sex, Vegetables and Fish are international best sellers.
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Yossi Ghinsberg Yossi Ghinsberg
is one of the most exciting speakers you are likely to encounter anywhere today. Yossi's message is universal and inspirational - his manner soothing and reassuring, his style unassuming yet absorbing and most importantly, his messages can be taken further.
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Rev Dr Brian Willersdorf Rev Dr Brian Willersdorf
After his graduation from Queensland Bible College in 1959, Brian joined Youth for Christ. His association with Youth for Christ continued until 1982, when he retired as national chairman. In 1964, he formed Brian Willersdorf Ministries. Brian's outreach through this ministry has spanned most of the major cities in Australia. During small and large crusades in the United States, England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka his messages were heard by people from every walk of life in universities, city car parks, teachers' colleges, public hospitals, conference centers and churches.
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Allan Pease Allan Pease
talks about relationships and communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that work. And he delivers his message in a humorous way, which motivates people to want to use these ideas immediately. In a highly entertaining, fast-moving presentation, Allan takes you through powerful communication techniques and teaches you how to decode other people’s behaviour - and what to do about it. He also shows you how to decode a wide range of everyday clues which appear in meetings, phone calls, negotiations and face-to-face encounters. Known worldwide as “Mr Body Language”, Allan’s own record in the field of selling, motivating and training is equalled by few others.
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Alan Patching Alan Patching
is internationally regarded as one of Australia's most outstanding leaders, consultants and business presenters in his field. He has been described as the Australian project and business leadership guru. Alan Patching challenges and inspires corporate and government leaders and potential leaders to take steps and make changes to foster the innovation necessary to ensure continuing relevance and sustainability of their business – to make their business Futureproof.
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Les Giblin Les Giblin
author of “How to be People Smart” and “The Art of Dealing with People”.
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Mal Emery

Mal Emery
Over the last 30 years, Mal Emery has bought and sold 18 businesses, some he started from scratch with very little initial investment and others that he built up and on-sold within a very short space of time.
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Mark McCrindle Mark McCrindle
is one of Australia's foremost social researchers. He trained as a Psychologist and his research into the changing demographics & generations is recognised internationally. By taking the social pulse of the workforce and the community he is able to analyse the emerging trends and communicate the implications these will have on our lives.
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Paul Zane Pilzer Paul Zane Pilzer
author of “The Next Millionaires” and “The Next Trillion”.
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Bob Burg Bob Burg
author of “Master Your Traits” and “Winning Without Intimidation”.
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Nicholas Boothman Nicholas Boothman
author of “How To Make People Like You in 90 seconds or less”.
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Pat Mesiti Pat Mesiti
is one of the worlds most celebrated speakers. He is a highly effective communicator and most notably an income acceleration coach. His passion is to EQUIP and EMPOWER individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to its fullest potential. His expertise is to SHIFT MINDSETS AND TO BUILD BIGGER PEOPLE to produce results. Pat has spoken globally to some of the largest conferences, and his books and materials have sold over 2 million copies. Having built some of Australia’s largest people organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing people potential.
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Will Buttrose The late Will Buttrose
author of “New Mind For A New Millennium”.
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