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Comedian, corporate impostor and comic hoax speaker

Rodney has a growing repertoire of over 350 characters, with numerous accents and dialects, from hundreds of professions. One character appears at each event.

His joke-name, double-talking characters have had over 30 international tours to the UK, the US, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and New Zealand.

In Australia, he performs frequently:

  • in Sydney (his home town), Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra
  • on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast
  • and in other regional locations, especially conference and business events destinations.

Who is this guy?


Rodney is a corporate impostor – a comic hoaxer in a business suit.

His comedy is usually in the form of fake keynote speeches at conferences, conventions, seminars, awards nights, cocktail parties and other business events.

Sometimes he is a comedy emcee / MC / master of ceremonies … almost always in character.

He is infamous as the perpetrator of Hoaxes and Jokeses.

He has been a full-time professional comedian since 1991. Prior to that time, he served the traditional, part-time apprenticeship for several years – until he created enough material and developed an audience, and a voice: a comic attitude.

He’s in demand now more than ever. You’ll be in safe hands with Rodney. He won’t accidentally insult anybody. It’ll be on purpose.

He’s an Australian, but his characters often aren’t … you get an international performer for no extra charge.

If you’re looking for a comedian, but only have a budget line for a speaker … look no further! Rodney is a comedy speaker, a deadpan comedian pretending to be a speaker, a speaker whose credibility deteriorates and degenerates into hilarity as your people realise they’ve been had.


Rodney has degrees from Harvard University 1988, UNSW/AGSM 1982 and UNE 1980.

Appointments and recognition

Rodney has been Visiting Professor-at-large at UNSW 2007, and Artist-in-residence at the Macquarie Dictionary 2002-03, UNE 2001-02, the AGSM 2000-01 and Harvard University 1995.

Rodney has been listed in Who’s Who in Australia for 25 years (onging), and in the Concise Companion to Theatre in Australia.


Professional Speakers Australia (formerly the National Speakers Association of Australia)

  • Nevin Award recipient 2013, for service
  • Keynote Speaker of the Year 2011
  • National President 2007-08
  • CSP: Certified Speaking Professional 2004

Australian Order of Comedians: The Echidnas

  • Fellowship Award recipient 2015.