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Steven Essa – Internationally Recognized Make Money with Webinars Expert

From very humble and unlikely beginnings, Steven Essa has emerged as a world leading authority on webinar marketing and online business.

In less than 7 years, he's built a global client base and has shared the stage with many of the best and highest profile speakers in the industry.

Steven has excited audiences in Australia, UK, USA, UAE, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cyprus, Singapore and New Zealand. 

Over the past 6 years, Steven has trained thousands of people to do what he does
best, creating the life of his dreams using the internet… generating $8000… $25,000, $100,000 and $140,000 in a single hour by using webinars. 

He even runs campaigns generating up to $90,000 thanks to automated webinars.  

A web-based seminar... or “webinar”... is a visual and audio presentation that connects a speaker or presenter with an audience anywhere in the world, via the internet.

It is a tool every business should be using in this difficult New Economy.

As an interactive communication and information transfer tool, webinars combine the best features of conventional, live classroom or office presentations with all the benefits of the on-line world.  

Webinars are unmatched for their efficiency, convenience and flexibility, offering participants and organisers significant cost and time savings.

Although still underrated and under-utilised, webinars are already playing a leading-edge role in meeting the communications needs of many businesses and other organisations.

Steven’s clients consist of anybody from tradespeople, musicians, pilots, lawyers, internet marketers, authors, coaches, seminar leaders, medical professionals and business opportunity seekers.

Steven’s templates have generated over $50,000,000 in sales for him and his clients.

Just about anyone can do a webinar.

The BEST NEWS is Steven will show you how to actually make money with this media.

In 2010 Steven developed his famous Webinator system.

This software automates your webinars, tracks viewers’ actions and is loaded with pre-made webinars to choose from.

Steven has received the best speaker award (as voted by the audiences of up to 400 people) at various events 10 times in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Most importantly Steven has helped his clients make real money online… from a Vet who generated over $300K in 12 months to an airline pilot who made £450,000 from just 2 automated webinars.

Steven backs up what he teaches.

He recently travelled to over 25 cities around the world and picked random seminar attendees to make money for them, LIVE in-front of the audience's eyes.

Just 3 success stories include...

 Subway Franchise owner – Gareth Jehu generated $9,207 in 60 minutes
– London, England


Chartered Accountant - Jeff Feng generated $9,443 in 90 minutes
- Sydney, Australia


Business Consultant - Dan Buzer $11,431 in 60 minutes
– Brisbane, Australia


Steven’s methods give all business owners the flexibility to create additional income streams, something much needed in today’s New Economy.