A Definitive Guide to Political, Economic, Social and Technological Issues

Never before has anyone packed so much helpful information into one book for the time starved reader. Written by a veteran financial services executive and thought leader, Bite Size Advice is an indispensable tool for those wanting to increase their political, economic, social and technological literacy.
Written in clear and concise language, it demystifies the key issues impacting our day-to-day lives and delivers invaluable advice in bite size chunks. Now you can find out everything you wanted to know about almost everything.

• WHAT are the pitfalls of over regulation?
• WHERE is disruptive technology taking us?
• WHEN does inequality become excessive?
• WHY is globalisation good for us?
• HOW is money created?
• WHO controls the economy?

Financial services CEO, Paul Thomas, made his debut as an author with Bite Size Advice - A Definitive Guide to Political, Economic, Social and Technological Issues. Now he is back with volume 2. This second instalment of Bite Size Advice has the subtitle, The Lesson Continues.
Yet again, the reader is presented with a collection of blog posts that provide an illuminating guide to the issues that are shaping politics, redesigning business, changing society and driving technology. You’ll discover concise answers to important questions.

• IS government debt a bad thing?
• WHAT caused the Global Financial Crisis?
• WHERE is artificial intelligence headed?
• WHY is higher education important?
• HOW vital is banking to a modern economy?
• WILL driverless cars become ubiquitous?



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